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All the emitters can have optional options.

enricher: ...
  timeout: ...
  retry_times: ...
  retry_interval: ...
  retry_exponential_backoff: ...


timeout (integer) is an HTTP or Whois timeout in seconds. Optional.

Retry Times

retry_times (integer) is a number of times of retry when something goes wrong. Optional. Defaults to 3. Configurable via RETRY_TIMES environment variable.

Retry Interval

retry_interval (integer) is an interval in seconds between retries. Optional. Defaults to 5. Configurable via RETRY_INTERVAL environment variable.

Retry Exponential Backoff

retry_exponential_backoff (bool) controls whether to do exponential backoff. Optional. Defaults to true. Configurable via RETRY_EXPONENTIAL_BACKOFF environment variable.