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Vs. ProjectDiscovery or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love It


What Are Uncover and Nuclei?

A Key Difference

  • Mihari is a passive monitoring tool.
  • ProjectDiscovery's Nuclei is an active monitoring/scanning tool.

Nuclei can validate/filter findings by scanning and Mihari cannot.

Misc Differences

  • A number of services supports:
    • Mihari supports 15+ services.
    • Uncover supports 10 services.
  • Data persistence:
    • Mihari does support data persistence in SQL database.
    • Nuclei does support data persistence in LevelDB.
      • Also can create a report in Elasticsearch, Splunk, ProjectDiscovery's Cloud Platform, etc.
  • Data enrichment:
    • Mihari does have automated data enrichment feature.
    • Nuclei & Uncover don't have automated data enrichment feature.

So, So What?


I don't know. :D

It depends on what you are trying to do. ProjectDiscovery may be more the right toolset for you.

A Good Pairing?


Anyway you can combine both. Collecting data in Mihari and validating it with Nuclei.

It's beneficial to save API quota because Nuclei uses API every time when Uncover options are set.

# Shodan API key is used more than twice
nuclei -uq "ip:" -ue shodan ...
nuclei -uq "ip:" -ue shodan ...

You can convert Mihari data to Nuclei's targets by using list-transform feature.